Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to pay for you to manage my property?
At North Rentals Whangarei Property Management, we believe in one simple fee. A lot of companies will offer a range of options with the cheaper fees upfront, this may not be necessarily cheaper overall. Rather than restrict and exclude offerings, we offer one fee for all services.
Who collects the rent and when does it come to me?
We look after all the collection of rents and on-pay these to you twice monthly or once a month, as agreed. Your choice.
All tenants are required to pay their rent via an automatic payment in advance. Our software provides daily data of rent due on any day and if it has been received into our rental account and then is on-paid to you.
Using this software, we can compile a full statement for our property owners of the rent collected, less fees and payments incurred by the owner. This makes it simple for accounting at the end of the financial year.
What do you do if the tenant misses a rent payment?
If a rental payment is missed, we will initiate our rent collection process.
If I give you my property to manage, do I still have control?
Yes, you do. You will also be relieved and satisfied with the savings you make while we take on the daily stresses of looking after your investment. For information on what services we cover under the one simple fee, click here.
How regularly do you inspect my property?
Inspections occur before occupancy beginning and after a tenure ends and the tenant moves out. We also perform an inspection 4-6 weeks after a tenant moves into a property to ensure they are happily moved in and everything is in order.
During the tenancy period the property will be examined at least four times each year (excluding the 4 to 6 week post-move-in inspection). 48 hours’ notice must be given to tenants prior to an inspection, whether by email, letter or text. If issues are discovered during an inspection, follow-up inspections (as required) will be planned and completed.
Do you provide inspections before the tenant moves in?
Yes, we do! We use the latest software to create a comprehensive inspection report to identify any existing defects at the start of a tenancy. We take thorough photo and video evidence to be viewed when a tenancy concludes and compare the condition of the property. Click here to see how easy it is to monitor your investment with North Rentals Whangarei.
Once the property is due to be handed over to the tenant and they receive the keys to property, they are also provided with the Inspection Report. This is where there is an opportunity for the new tenant to review the report, confirm that it is accurate and then they sign it as confirmation before a copy is given back to North Rentals Whangarei for filing. The Inspection Report then forms part of the tenancy agreement.
What do you do to ensure I get the best tenant?
All prospective tenants must complete a comprehensive application form. We conduct personal references, references with a tenant’s current and previous landlord and their employer. We’ll also undertake a credit check of the applicant to ensure there are no red flags (included in our one fee).
We arrange a property viewing for every preferable applicant. We use that opportunity to better understand their individual situation. It is important to note that we do decline tenants the opportunity to rent with us (and you) – especially if the reference and credit checks do not satisfy our requirements.
What if I decide to sell the house?
You can place your property on the market whilst tenanted. There is a legal process that you need to follow so contact us to talk through the process.
If your tenant is on a fixed term tenancy, you must sell that tenancy as part of the property sale.
Your property manager needs to be a great communicator and respect the property is a tenant’s home. Property viewings need to be organised at set times to show potential buyers through without treading too much into the daily routines of the tenant.
A happy and cooperative tenant can help attract other property investors – especially if they want to continue living in the property. A tenanted rental is always a good look for new investors.
A common, but not necessary, practice is that some property owners will reduce the rent for the tenant during this period where the property is marketed, and viewings undertaken as a sign of good faith.
How much notice am I obligated to give if I simply want the tenant to leave?
Most tenancies are fixed term tenancies, which means that you are required to wait until the end of the fixed term. Fixed term tenancies can be broken though, but only when it is mutually agreed by the tenant in writing.
For a periodic tenancy, you are required to give 90 days notice to the tenant with the notice period added to the current date that the tenant was informed.
Do we require special insurance if we rent our property out?
You need to advise your insurance company that your property is to be rented. Each insurance company may have different requirements and can advise on these.
North Rentals Whangarei Property Management recommend to all landlords and property owners renting out their property to take out a policy that is normally called the “Landlord’s Extension”. This is like a Contents Policy which covers the landlord’s fixtures and fittings within the property. There are other providers who specialize in Landlord Contents insurance and their policies can complement an existing insurance policy.
It is important to note that the tenants are responsible for insuring their own possessions under their own Contents insurance – this isn’t something that you will need to be covered for.
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