Fees and Services

No Hidden Costs!
A simple, transparent and easy to understand fee structure with no hidden charges or nasty surprises! We also offer additional special rates when we manage more than one property. Our Management fee is 9.5% plus GST.

The one fee includes
  • TradeMe and other online advertising
  • Newspaper column advertising
  • Up to 5 annual routine property inspections including photographs
  • Emergency visits
  • Credit checks on tenant applications
  • Rental property appraisal
  • Attendance at tenancy tribunal
  • Photographic property inspections on tenancy changeover.
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You can also call us on 09 393 0771 | Email: [email protected] | Call or text: 021 161 9783
We're On Call 24/7, 365 Days Per Year
We will provide round the clock service - being ready to answer yours or your tenants calls and react quickly to resolve any issues that may arise. We have a pool of trusted tradesmen who will repair and maintain your property at cost. We will not receive any rebates from allocating these jobs.
Record Keeping
We will keep full documentation, including a photo library of the property and its state whilst we manage it. You can get a copy of our records anytime.
No Letting Fee
We will not charge a letting fee. If one day you decide to sell the property, we will give you the best price and conditions if you choose North Rentals Whangarei.
Get Your Rental Money Once or Twice a Month
Your Money – Your Choice
Rental Appraisals
We will provide free rental appraisals upon request based on the most recent statistical data available. We will also provide regular free rental market updates to keep your finger on the pulse on any investment market fluctuations.
Detailed Reporting - Monthly and Annually
Get regular and accurate financial management reporting.
Communication is Key
We will provide regular ‘state of the property reports’ and financial reports about cash flow - funds received and transferred to your account as well as payments made on your behalf. All phone calls and emails will be responded to on time - no later than the next business day – guaranteed!
Rent Collection Process
What happens if the tenant doesn't pay rent? If this happens and a rental payment is missed (and identified on our daily report), we follow the below process:
Day 1 in arrears: A reminder SMS text/Email is sent to the tenant
Day 2 in arrears: A reminder SMS text/Email is sent to the tenant and a follow-up phone call is made.
Day 3 in arrears: A 14-day notice to remedy the breach is emailed to the tenant.
Day 4-6 in arrears: An application to Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation (MBIE) is made for the Termination of Tenancy and the tenant is advised via SMS and Email.
Advertising of your property for free
Online ads and open homes all paid by us. You don’t need to pay a cent to market your property for rent.
Best Tenants Possible
We will exercise maximum care and diligence when selecting tenants. Including credit, referral & backup checks for new tenants. If the tenant selected turns out to be a bad decision, any resulting representation at the Tenancy Tribunal or Court will be free and we’ll do all we can to minimize any negative impact on your investment.
Property Inspections Every 3 Months
Detailed Inspections (including photos) and Maintenance Checks keep your property at its peak, and remember it's all covered under one management fee; zero cost. Others may cost up to $60.00
Maintenance and Repairs Dealt with Immediately
You have control of your property. Give us the authority - we get it done. 
You can be as involved in the management of your property as much as you wish. While we will look after the collection of rent and the filling of tenancy vacancies, you can choose to carry out all your own maintenance (and/or use your own tradespeople) or we’ll happily organize maintenance activities on your behalf.
No Contract Lock-in
If for any reason you wish to leave us, you'll get your property file returned to you within 24 hours and our Management Agreement will be concluded. No asterisks, fine print or hidden contract clauses. No notice period or 30-day locked-in term either.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll put it right and where appropriate refund you that month’s fees.
It's Easy to Switch
Making the switch from your current property manager really couldn't be easier. Your signature on the contract and ‘Change of the Landlord Form’ is all it takes. We will take care of everything else for you.

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You'll benefit from North Rentals Whangarei's integrated systems that help us in the management of your property, minimize your risk and keep you informed with full reporting. However, no matter how good technology is, it simply cannot replace the human care, respect and communication that is required to make things work for you.

Our aim to create and maintain good relationships is dependent on the development of trust where your involvement with the property manager can assist mutual understandings, particularly around the areas of practical advice and planning. We know you don’t expect to simply get a one-service fits all attitude from us - we know that relations of mutual trust and two-way dialogue are the key.

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